general information

DEKAMIX®  is an alkaline hygiene litter powder for farm and hobby animal husbandry to be used on all lying and walking areas. The composition of DEKAMIX®  has been specially geared to the requirements of animal husbandry.


- DEKAMIX®  raises the pH level to over 11 when used regularly. The range of pathogenic
                         pathentic germs, the pathogens causing coccidiosis, and ectoparasites
                         such as mites, biting and animal lice, are effectively reduced. 

- DEKAMIX®   is alkaline and has a large buffer against acid-forming agents.

- DEKAMIX®  has a drying effect, improves the barn climate and reduces fly infestation.

- DEKAMIX®  enhances dung and liquid manure and reduces odours.

- DEKAMIX®  reduces flies and vermin around compost.



Recommended use of  DEKAMIX®


When?Application rate

Breeding sows, piglets
and porkers

Litter the floor100-200 g/sqm
Laying hens, turkeys
Breeding and fattening
After mucking out and on moist spots in
the scratching area
200-500 g/sqm
Hobby and wild animal
Lying areas and floor after mucking out200-300 g/sqm
CompostingApply in layers200-500 g/sqm


DEKAMIX®  is available loose, in a 1,000 kg FIBC or in a 30 kg sack.

Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (baua): reg. no. N-39904